TurboTenant is the easiest to use, cheapest (Free!) cloud based solution for Landlords managing their own rental property portfolio. 

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There are many subscription based, enterprise solutions for property management companies, but very few options for the independent landlord looking to automate the process of marketing a property, taking applications, completing credit and criminal background checks, signing leases, and taking payments. TurboTenant focuses on the majority of rental property owners who own a small number of properties and wish to automate a labor intensive process.


Delivered on any mobile or desktop web browser, TurboTenant provides a range of services to simplify the process of renting a property from an independent landlord.  The current services include marketing properties, online rental applications, background checks and renters insurance with more capabilities on the way. 

Investment Status

Crescendo Capital Partners was attracted to this early stage investment by the size of the market, the lack of an industry leader, and the strength of the leadership team. TurboTenant is based in Fort Collins, CO.