AMSR has been the leading internet provider of portable oxygen concentration sytems, providing quality service to its customers since 2001. 

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AMSR specializes in the sales and service of oxygen concentrators to patients for personal use.  An oxygen concentrator is a device that creates supplemental oxygen by concentrating oxygen available in the surrounding air. These devices are considered as safer, easy to use and inexpensive compared to compressed oxygen cylinders.  Portable oxygen concentrators are useful to people who require oxygen therapy that would otherwise require bulky oxygen tanks.   Advances in technology as well as an aging population support a growing market for portable oxygen concentrator systems.


AMSR is the leading internet provider of portable oxygen concentrators and other respiratory related medical devices. The AMSR team is working daily to live up to the company mission of providing the widest array of respiratory products while delivering the highest level of customer service in the industry. 

Investment Status

Crescendo Capital Partners made a majority investment in AMSR in December 2009. Jenny Hopkins, Crescendo Managing Director, is the current CEO of AMSR which is based in Centennial, CO.