buildee®by Simuwatt is a tablet-based energy auditing application and cloud-based platform that uses a patented process to accurately, and quickly identify and recommend energy efficiency savings in commercial buildings.


Energy efficiency is the third largest electric resource in the US after coal and gas.  Globally, building owners spend over $70B  on energy efficiency retrofits. Simuwatt allows for building owners and respective tradespeople to realize energy savings while improving building performance.

In addition to the economic attractiveness of projects, an increasing focus on greenhouse gas emissions and proactive energy policies are driving an increase in government mandated energy audits.


Behind buildee is the work of the greatest minds in building sciences and partnerships with market drivers. We’ve dedicated our lives to make this science accessible and useful for a broader market.

buildee enables portfolio owners, utilities and service providers to identify, prioritize, and realize energy efficiency investments through the building lifecycle. We offer a cloud-based and mobile software platform that combines credible engineering intelligence with stakeholder collaboration tools to act on cost-effective retrofit investments and track performance.
Investment Status

Crescendo Capital Partners invested in a seed round to support commercialization and sales scaling in advance of a potential Series A investment.